Monday, February 21, 2011

The CE is dead. Long live the CE. Nos paenitet incommodo

As part of the on-going developments to the Scot Grid cluster at Glasgow, we have decommissioned our final LCG-CE, which resided on SVR021. The removal of this CE allows us to concentrate the support and development of two CE platforms; Cream and ARC. We are planning to conduct a series of tests around the three CREAM CE's we have deployed at Glasgow in an attempt to gain a better understanding of their maximum loading potential for running jobs and how to tweak them to gain the maximum efficiency from this service.

Additionally, we will be testing our availability metrics over the next month as the LCG-CE was one of the corner stones of Steve Lloyd's tests of our overall availability. This will now be monitored primarily through our SRM availability.

The reasons for decommissioning the LCG-CE are that we would be removing it at some point in the near future, all the big VO's do not have issues with submitting to Cream CEs and it simplifies our internal support requirements.

The new servers running Cream are svr008, svr014 and svr026.

Thank you LCG-CE and goodnight.

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