Thursday, August 25, 2011

Busy Disks

After checking a test 10 gig Disk Server deployment we uncovered an interesting pattern in storage network activity and how our 10 Gig switch copes with multiply connections at 10 Gigabit. The captures below were taken over a 5 minute window of operation and show just how bursty the traffic patterns from these devices can be.

The graphs show all interfaces on our Dell 8024F and the measurement window is in Mbps. The order is top to bottom with the initial capture at the top.

While the Disk servers have been hammering away the round trip time intra room has been on average 0.40 msec between devices as the CPU on the core Dell seems more than happy to be handle these loads as its utilisation is approximately 20% presently.

We are planning to enable QOS metrics on disk server traffic shortly to test the response times on QOS and Non-QOS disk servers.

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