Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Night of the Return of the Living Worker Nodes

As Glasgow is currently being used as one of the sets for World War Z, we thought it only apt that we too resurrect the dead and get them to do our bidding. No, we haven't embraced "mad" science.

During the power work  we decided to alter the layout of 243d. Historically, the room had housed a mainframe including operators booths. One of these booths still existed within 243d, so we took down one of the walls and added a new cabinet.

While the work was being conducted to remove the wall we covered the cluster and powered it off to minimise dust ingestion. If you wish to gift wrap a cluster we have plenty of experience in this field. However, our wrapping is limited to blue plastic presently.

After the wall had been removed, we cleared out the computer room and re-organised the storage cabinets, cabling and computing cabinets. In 243d there were a pile of 6 year old disused worker nodes and racked worker nodes whose PDU had been damaged during one of our many power cuts over the last 12 months. In addition to this we found and rebuilt a Dell Rack and also we had a spare Nortel 5510 switch.

With the newly available space from the removal of the wall in 243d, we got a tile cut and deployed the rack. The rack connects back to the older Stack01 via a copper gigabit Ethernet connection. This deployment will give us up to approximately 100 job slots once they are fully configured.

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