Monday, February 26, 2007

cfengine Running From Cron Too

I found another node on which cfengine (more precisely cfexecd) had died - so it hadn't run for sometime. I have now added a cfagent run from cron, which fires every half hour.

In addition, I've added a "processes" stanza to the cfengine configuration, which means that if any of the cfengine daemons are not running then the crontabbed cfagent run will restart them:

"cfenvd" restart "/usr/sbin/cfenvd"
"cfservd" restart "/usr/sbin/cfservd"
"cfexecd$" restart "/usr/sbin/cfexecd"

Note the regexp on cfexecd - it's to stop the "cfexecd -F" run from cron from matching.

A couple of other things:

  • I think I found the problem with my "splaytime" directive: it's "SplayTime", not "splaytime"!
  • I added the time class Hr04 to the tidy stanza. From running cfagent by hand it was clear that this was the most expensive operation - and it really does only need run once a day.

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