Monday, February 26, 2007

LCG Gatekeeper On svr016 Patched For stagein

In our investigations for supporting NGS it became clear that the lcg-CE does not support GRAM stagein properly. There is a patch for this available in Savannah, which I have now applied to the CE.

Olivier and Alessandra were running this patch at IC and Manchester, so I was reassured enough to apply it to the live system. Checking the gatekeeper logs it doesn't seem to have broken anything, and hopefully it will make a difference for our local users attempting to get GRAM working properly.

Just in case the CE goes down in flames, the patched has been added to cfengine's skeleton files and a new line added to the copy stanza:

# This applies patch to the CE
# which should allow for stagein with globus-job-{submit,run}. Also rumored to help
# with ATLAS condor submissions...
$(skel)/ce/gatekeeper/ mode=0755 dest=/opt/globus/lib/perl/Globus/GRAM/ type=sum

Finally, there's a rumor that this patch might help with ATLAS condor submissions. For the record svr016 currently is at 70% on the ATLAS Prod site efficiency pages. I'll keep an eye on this (although it mixes condor and RB submissions, so it's quite hard to track each method separately).

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