Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Installer Christened: YPF is Born

Working on the new installer again today. With dnsmasq installed on svr031 the installer started to work fine. It is still using the text classes.conf and the move to SQLite might have to wait until svr031 is reinstalled - it's not clear it will work right now. (And today I was very pressed for time - just need to get things working!)

I felt we need a name for the installer. As it's written in python a flying circus name seemed to be appropriate and Andrew suggested "YAIM People's Front". Brilliant.

In the afternoon I added a new host to the cluster, using 2 cheepo netgear switches to connect to the internal and external cluster networks. The tools for manipulating the cluster database are very primitive right now - clearly there's a lot of work to be done here - but a minimal interface allowing an arbitrary SQL command to be issued suffices for now.

I have written some documentation in the wiki.

There's no real intention to make YPF a general installer project at the moment, but other sites might find aspects of it useful.

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