Friday, March 16, 2007

Top Level BDII for ScotGrid

I setup a top level BDII for ScotGrid this morning. I have put it onto svr019 (the MON box) as these machines are very capable to running multiple services on this type (and svr019 might as well do something useful ;-).

I'll add a top level alias as, and as load increases more machines can be added here.

Before I actively use it for ScotGrid, though, I will let it run for a week or so - I'm naturally nervous about MCE errors these days and although svr019 has not suffered any thus far, our experience suggests that loading up a machine can cause things to be more fragile in this respect.

Although the BDII is a simple node to install with YAIM, I'm really pleased how much value we get from running cfengine these days - just telling it the machine is in the grid class now does so much. So I only had to add two lines to cfengine to handle the whole install: one in packages, to get glite-BDII installed, one in shell commands to invoke the YAIM configure_node. So easy!

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