Tuesday, March 06, 2007

R-GMA is so...

R-GMA just keeps falling over on the new site. Inexplicably tomcat will lock up and no response will be got from the R-GMA servlet.

This is very frustrating - there's nothing interesting in the logs either. it just dies.

Today when I was trying to restart it, tomcat restarted OK, but the R-GMA servlet would not startup, announcing cryptically:

2007-03-06 16:49:21,601 [http-8443-Processor23] WARN org.edg.info.ServletBase - Error processing servlet request.
org.glite.rgma.system.UnknownResourceException: Object has been closed: 77151190
at org.edg.info.InstanceTracker.get(InstanceTracker.java:155)
at org.glite.rgma.services.ResourceService.getInstance(ResourceService.java:179)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:534)

What on earth's going on there?

Paul saved the day, using the tomcat manager interface to stop and then restart R-GMA. After that is was a bit happier.

I'll have to work out some nagios alarm or cfengine test for tomcat though - as it just hangs simple checks on the daemon's presence won't work. Grrr...

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