Monday, March 05, 2007

Progress Towards Enabling Total at Glasgow

I've spent all afternoon working out how to enable VOs on the new Glasgow cluster, using the new "totalep" VO as my template VO.

As this is the first time we've added a new VO since the cluster was setup, naturally this needs to be done rather carefully to ensure that all the bits go into the right place.

My modus operandi is to try and run YAIM as little as possible - so if a complex YAIM function does lots and lots of things, and runs 2 commands per VO, then I will try and extract those two things and give "by hand" instructions. Hopefully the only thing I will need to re-run YAIM for is the information system, which is damn fiddly to get right by hand.

Progress so far is on the wiki.

Once this has been done once and documented it should be much faster for any subsequent VOs.

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