Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Defining SPEC Values for the Cluster

I had a long discussion with Mark about getting the SPEC values correct for Durham. There's no really good answer to this apart from go to the SPEC Website and try and find machines with the same processor types and vintage as your own (ideally with the same motherboard). N.B. One should really use the "base" values - these have a conservative set of compiler flags so are more appropriate for pre-compiled EGEE applications - the peak values enable all the bells and whistles on the compiler.

I was also prompted to look at the numbers I had put in for the new Glasgow cluster. Here we have Opteron 280s. There are now 10 measurements for the SI2K of these machines - these are all very close and average to 1533, so that's what I have now put (up slightly from 1450). The FP2K values have a bigger spread (different chipsets?), but in the absence of any guide I again took the average, which was 1770.

I also noticed that CPU2000 has now officially been retired - replaced by CPU2006. This is going to be a problem as CPU2000 will not be available for newer machines, but CPU2006 will not be available for older ones. How do you express that in your JDL?

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