Tuesday, April 03, 2007

DPM GRIS goes nuts at Glasgow

I was amazed to find that Glasgow was in a gstat warn condition this evening, because we were reporting 0GB storage available.

When I checked on the SE the plugin was able to run fine, but it didn't seem to be being run properly - so everything was reporting zeros.

I tried restarting the GRIS, but this didn't work (it had been running since last year), so I had to kill off the process and then restart it. Finally, for good measure I restarted rgma-gin, which is one of the plugins providing the dynamic information.

Still, it took a few minutes before the GRIS started to properly provide the correct information.

However, from 6pm until 10pm we apparently had no storage.

Any thoughts on how to monitor the information system? Well, we did go into "warn" status on the SAM sBDII seavail test, so we should ensure that gets trapped by Paul's MonAMI SAM feeds.

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