Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Biomed get busy

The cluster got busy again from yesterday morning, with a whole pile of biomed jobs coming in. It was nice to see the resources being used.

Strangely, users are a bit like buses - you wait ages and then two come at once, because one of our local theorists then submitted several 100 jobs last night too, so we had a job queue for the first time in ages.

Looks like everything ran successfully as well (and Steve's ATLAS jobs still got through) - I always worry that something subtle has broken which will only be revealed when the site gets busy.

I redid the fairshares on the fly though, because now that the theorists have decided to use the pheno VO, we have to reflect their 20% nominal fair-share in Maui (in fact everyone's getting 33% as CompSci and local Bio users are not yet active).

The biomed jobs are still coming in steadily - 2 or 3 a minute. Lovely jobs, actually. Run time is ~4 1/2 hours, so a good turn over rate - and they are 99.99% efficient!

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