Thursday, May 10, 2007

ScotGrid Review Documents Complete

The site responses for the ScotGrid T2 review have now been given to the reviewers. Inspired by Olivier I decided that some plots of CPU delivery per VO and per site would be useful.

This turned out to be surprisingly hard to do - the accounting portal only gives a summary for a time period, not a plot over the time period. So I had to download the last 12 months as individual CSV files and parse them. Of course, each file contains variable numbers of VOs and sites. As this is essentially data in 3 dimensions, i.e., cpuhours(month, vo, site) it's impossible for Excel to deal with it directly.

Time to bring python out of the box to parse the data and print summary CSV files which Excel can do. Took the best part of 3 hours - however, it's now done and any future work like this should be faster.

Plots shown above, just so they get a wider audience.

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