Monday, July 30, 2007

CIC Portal Reports

As I was on holiday on Friday, I tried to fill in the CIC portal report quite late on and it was locked.

Frankly the interface on the report section of the CIC is really rather rubbish (no aggregation, unreliable locking, difficult to review) and the 1 day time window has always been restrictive.

As it's clear now that the CIC "availability", where sites get to mark up failures as relevant/non-relevant/unknown, is a thing of the past (gridview will be used, warts and all...), the whole thing looks rather broken as a way of us telling Jeremy and Phillipa issues to report in the Ops meeting.

However, I checked the gridview page. Looks like a quiet week. Our one CE test failure was the infamous Globus 79...

Report: Quiet week. Ran lots of jobs ;-)

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