Tuesday, October 30, 2007

NGS VO Supported

I should have now fixed the NGS VO on ScotGrid. This was supposed to happen during the SL4 transition, but got lost in the rush to get the site up and running correctly.

LCMAPS now knows to map certificates from the ngs.ac.uk VO to .ngs pool accounts, and the fallback grid-mapfile is being correctly made.

What remains to be sorted out is if we can support NGS without giving shell access. I am loath to turn on pool mapped gsissh as we'd have to hack the grid-mapfile on the UI (to exclude other VOs) and somehow manage to synch the pool account mappings between the UI and the CE.

At the moment I'm sure it will be broken, because we don't even have shared home areas, but even if introduce these I'm not certain it will be a practical proposition to only offer gsiftp.

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