Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some Queue Work

I introduced a new long queue last night, which is primarily to support long validation jobs run by some of our Durham phenomenology friends. It has a 7 day CPU/Wall limit. As I was messing about with transitions to queues which support more than 1 VO, I added support for ATLAS on the queue, thinking it might be of use to our local ATLAS users.

Unfortunately, as it was advertised in the information system, and was a perfectly valid and matchable queue, we soon got production and user ATLAS jobs coming in on this long queue. So, tonight, I have stopped advertising it for ATLAS, to push things back to the normal 36 hour limited grid queue.

I also discovered that maui does its "group" fairsharing on the submitting user's primary group. This is pretty obvious, of course, but as we've traditionally had one queue per VO, everyone in that VO in a primary group of the same name, somehow I had it muddled in my mind that it was a queue balancing act instead. Turns out this is in fact good, because we can set different fair shares for users sharing the gridpp queue, as long as we keep them in per-project primary groups.

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