Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Supported VO Tweaks

I have enabled the 'gaussian' VO on the ScotGrid UIs at the request of a local user. This took a little longer than usual as the set-up is slightly unusual - we want to have voms and job submission correctly configured, but do not want to support the VO on our WMS (which we consider our fragile service).

YAIM 4 makes enabling a VO on a specific node type easy - we have an override stanza in services/glite-UI which adds gaussian (through 'VOS="$VOS gaussian"').

The trick bit is the cfengine magic to redefine the WMS and the LB services for gaussian only as YAIM sets all of these to be the same:

{ /opt/glite/etc/gaussian/glite_wms.conf
ReplaceFirst "" With ""
{ /opt/glite/etc/gaussian/glite_wmsui.conf
ReplaceAll "" With ""

Gaussian are a special VO who only seem to exist to allow access to a commercial software package: "Gaussian VO enables use of commercial chemical package Gaussian on EGEE Grid".

Grids and licensed software still have some serious paradigm issues when you have to setup an entire VO to use a piece of software.

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Leif Nixon said...

What does a Gaussian job look like (from the viewpoint of the user)? How much does he need to know about the local installation? (Paths, etc)