Monday, August 25, 2008

SAM Failures across scotgrid: Someone else's problem

All 3 scotgrid sites have just failed the atlas SAM SE tests (atlas_cr, atlas_cp, atlas_del) as have quite alot of the rest of the UKI-* sites.

Once again this isn't a Tier-2 issue but an upstream problem with the tests themselves

ATLAS specific test launched from
Checking if a file can be copied and registered to

------------------------- NEW ----------------
+ lcg-cr -v --vo atlas file:/home/samatlas/.same/SE/testFile.txt -l -d srm://
Using grid catalog type: lfc
Using grid catalog :
Using LFN : /grid/atlas/dq2/SAM/
[BDII] Can't contact LDAP server
lcg_cr: Host is down
+ out_error=1
+ set +x
-------------------- Other endpoint same host -----------


Elwell said...

update - Passing again an hour later. Grr intermittent faults ftw

Graeme Stewart said...

I spoke to Alessandro about this this morning and he said that the test is going to be updated soon to use the fully specified endpoint in ToA. This doesn't need a BDII lookup, so these fakes should go away.